GCMMF - Suppliers Enquiry

Sr. No Details Date of posting Due date
  Enquiry for Courier Services 04th March 202411th March 2024
  Enquiry for Security Services 04th March 202411th March 2024
  System Audit RFP 18th October 202130th October 2021
  RFP document for AMCS 29th June 202115th July 2021
  Inquiry for Engine Battery charger 15th March 202124th March 2021
  Purchase Inquiry for Industrial Locker(MOC-SS 304) 05th March 202112th March 2021
  Enquiry for Bulk push SMS Services26th August 202028th August 2020
  Enquiry for requirement of Dell Laptops and PCs24th July 202031st July 2020
  Enquiry for Photocopy Service11th March 202017th March 2020
  Enquiry for Security Service07th March 202017th March 2020
  Enquiry for Courier Service07th March 202017th March 2020
 Bulk SMS services15th May 201819th May 2018
 Photocopy Service Enquiry16th April 2018--
 Security Agency Enquiry05th March 201812th March 2018
 Courier Service Enquiry05th March 201812th March 2018
 Enquiry for purchase of Video Conferencing System for our HO, ZOs, AFD and Branch Offices on our Website26th October 201711th November 2017
 Requirement of Desktop PCs under buyback05th October 201713th October 2017
 RFP for AMCS Infrastructure06th January 2017--

Enquiry for Courier Service14th March 2016--

Enquiry for Security Service14th March 2016--

Security Contract Enquiry18th March 2014as provided
AmulFed Dairy (Previously known as Mother Dairy), Gandhinagar
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Sr. No Details Date of posting Due date
  RFQ for "Electricity Duty Exemption on expansion project of AFD PFP Rev" 18th April 202425th April 2024
  Inquiry Civil work for RCC Road panel repairing at various places at Amul Fed Dairy. 16th April 202426th April 2024
  Inquiry for Cashew LWP 13th April 202420th April 2024
  Inquiry for ARC for disposal of Used/Waste Oil from AFD and PFP 10th April 202425th April 2024
  RFQ for "Electricity Duty Exemption on expansion project of AFD PFP" 08th April 202418th April 2024
  Inquiry for Civil and Structural works for Effluent Storage Sump with bar screen chamber near Ghee Packing Plant at AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar. 09th April 202422nd April 2024
  Purchase inquiry of Lactose monohydrate at AmulFed Dairy 04th April 202409th April 2024
  Inquiry for Orange Jelly 13th March 202420th March 2024
  Inquiry for Civil and Structural works for 120 KL and 30 KL Foundation work for UHT Product at AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar 07th March 202419th March 2024
  INQUIRY FOR SUPPLY OF PAPER CORES 04th March 202419th March 2024
  Inquiry for supply of 90 MT Stretch Film02nd March 202413th March 2024
  Inquiry for Painting work of various chimneys and 60TPD Powder plant at Amul Fed Dairy. 02nd March 202413th March 2024
  Inquiry for Kesar(Saffron)23rd February 202401st March 2024
  Inquiry for Dryfruits14th February 202421st February 2024
  RFQ for "Design, Supply Installation, Testing and Commissioning (DSITC) of Bucket filling (1Kg to 5Kg) machine for curd milk". "05th February 202426th February 2024
  RFQ for "Annual inspection of Boiler"25th January 202425th March 2024
  Inquiry for dryfruits 22nd January 202430th January 2024
  Inquiry for Comprehensive AMC of CCTV System 22nd January 202403rd February 2024
  Purchase inquiry for six month liquid detergent at Amulfed Dairy, Bhat and PFP, Gandhinagar20th January 202431st January 2024
  Inquiry for Kesar(Saffron)13th January 202420th January 2024
  Inquiry for Glucose powder(Dextrose Monohydrate)09th January 202416th January 2024
  Inquiry for supply of 150 MT PPA09th January 202419th January 2024
 Inquiry for Lab Equipment05rd January 202431st January 2024
 Inquiry for external NABL calibration of Lab instruments of AFD23rd December 202329th December 2023
16:00 Hrs
 INQUIRY HYGIENE STATION FOR FERMENTED PLANT 22nd December 202304th January 2024
16:00 Hrs
 Inquiry for Supply & Installation of Air Compressor & Air dryer at PFP, Gandhinagar 21st December 202311th January 2024
  Inquiry for Work of Geohydrological survey at AmulFed Dairy II, Rajkot 11th December 202320th December 2023
  Inquiry for Rate Contract for sale of Scrap items from AFD and PFP 08th December 202315th December 2023
  Inquiry for QR code Reader06th December 202320th December 2023
 Inquiry for Consultancy to obtain CTE (Consent to Establish) AmulFed Dairy II, Rajkot.29th November 202309th December 2023
 Purchase inquiry of Lactose monohydrate at AmulFed Dairy. 28th November 202304th December 2023
  Inquiry Annual Rate Contract for Aluminum & Glazing work at AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar. 28th November 202309th December 2023
 Inquiry Annual Rate Contract for Miscellaneous Civil & Plumbing work at AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar. 28th November 202309th December 2023
 ARC for Refilling & AMC for Servicing of Fire Extinguisher & Breathing Apparatus for AFD and PFP. 22nd November 202306th December 2023
 Internal Transportation Inquiry 2024, at Amulfed Dairy, Gandhinagar.05th November 202330th November 2023
 Inquiry for Civil work at Pouch Crate washer area, AmulFed Dairy. 02nd November 202318th November 2023
 Inquiry letter for Purchase of Stretch wrapping machine 25th October 202303rd November 2023
 INQUIRY FOR SUPPLY OF PAPER CORES01st November 202310th November 2023
 Design, Supply (FOR Site basis including Unloading), Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 30KL Curd storage tank, 120KL Water storage tank and 200L & 500L Balance tank" as per given specification.25th October 202310th November 2023
 RFQ for "Economizer retrofitting/replacement work of Boiler"18th October 202328th October 2023
  RFQ for "Staggered supply of Boiler chemicals NSF" 18th October 202330th October 2023
  Inquiry for Civil work at Amul Fed Dairy. 16th October 202326th October 2023
  Inquiry letter for Purchase of Dock Levelers16th October 202325th October 2023
  Inquiry letter for ARC of welding and fabrication work 11th October 202321st October 2023
  ARC Painting work at AmulFed Dairy & Packaging Film Plant. 06th October 202317th October 2023
  Inquiry for Dryfruit Almonds04th October 202312th October 2023
  Inquiry for Draksh(Raisins)29th September 202306th October 2023
  Inquiry for Lab Chemicals at Amulfed Dairy, Bhat, Gandhinagar29th September 202312th October 2023
  RFQ for "Vane oil pump of Ria candy machine"20th September 202323rd September 2023
12:00 Noon
  Tender notice for ARC for unloading of Sugar / Butter /powder19th September 202304th October 2023
  Inquiry for ARC of stationery items for AFD & PFP18th September 202305th October 2023
 Inquiry for Tuti Fruiti15th September 202319th September 2023
 Inquiry for Cashew LWP14th September 202321st September 2023
 RFQ for "MS Tanks 20 KL for PFP as per IS 2062 and IS 10987"13th September 202323rd September 2023
 Purchase inquiry for six month House Keeping Items at Amulfed Dairy, Bhat and PFP, Gandhinagar11th September 202322nd September 2023
 RFQ for "Data sharing switch for computer and printer"06th September 202314th September 2023
 Inquiry for supply of 78 MT Stretch Film08th September 202315th September 2023
 Inquiry for Citric Acid(Anhydrous)26th August 202331st September 2023
 (RFQ) for “Pallet stacker“23rd August 202304th September 2023
 (RFQ) for “Perforated Cable Trays with Cover & Coupler Plates “14th August 202318th August 2023
 Inquiry for Kesar (Saffron)12th August 202319th August 2023
  Purchase inquiry for six month liquid detergent at Amulfed Dairy, Bhat and PFP, Gandhinagar10th August 202318th August 2023
  A tender for purchase of Safety shoes for AmulFed Dairy Employee05th August 202331st August 2023
16:00 Hrs
  RFQ for "Fluke Dry Well 9142-A-256"19th July 202331st July 2023
  Inquiry for six months contract for sale of Waste Ghee from AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar28th July 202307th August 2023
16:00 Hrs
  Inquiry for supply of Battery Operated Pallet Truck (BOPT)26th July 202309th August 2023
  (RFQ) for “Hire consultant for Petroleum class A storage licence for 2 X 20 KL capacity tanks as per guideline of PESO“20th July 202324nd July 2023
  Purchase inquiry for ARC of pizza base transportation from Sumul (Navi pardi) to AFD15th July 202322nd July 2023
  Inquiry for Cashew (SWP)11th July 202325th July 2023
  (RFQ) for “Hire consultant for Petroleum class A storage licence for 2 X 20 KL capacity tanks as per guideline of PESO“ 10th July 202320th July 2023
  Inquiry for supply of 150 MT PPA (Plastic Processing Aid. 08th July 202317th July 2023
  Purchase inquiry of Frozen vegetables at AmulFed Dairy07th July 202312th July 2023
  INQUIRY FOR SUPPLY OF PAPER CORES 06th July 202313th July 2023
  Civil and structural work at Various Places at AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar. 07th July 202318th July 2023
  Inquiry for sale of scrap items 01st July 202305th July 2023
  Purchase Inquiry for supply of PAA for Aseptic PET bottle filling lines with dosing system27th June 202307th July 2023
16:00 Hrs
  RFQ for "Up gradation of CPP Synchronization panel Rev-1"27th June 202307th July 2023
  Inquiry for Saffron (Kesar)23rd June 202329th June 2023
  Purchase Inquiry for supply of H2O2 for Aseptic Lines at AmulFed Dairy - SIG Combi. 19th June 202326th June 2023
04:00 PM
  Purchase Inquiry for supply of H2O2 for Aseptic Lines at AmulFed Dairy - Tetra Pak 19th June 202326th June 2023
04:00 PM
  RFQ for "Up gradation of CPP Synchronization panel"15th June 202326th June 2023
  RFQ for "Single acting hydraulic cylinder"15th June 202326th June 2023
  RFQ for "Hand pallet truck 5 ton"15th June 202326th June 2023
  Purchase inquiry for rate contract of Pizza base transport from Mogar to Amulfed dairy15th June 202323rd June 2023
  Purchase inquiry of lactose monohydrate. 30th May 202306th June 2023
  Inquiry intimation letter for purchase of Forklifts for AFD. 29th May 202310th June 2023
(upto 04:00 PM)
  Inquiry for Architectural, Structural and Statutory Consultant services for Expansion of Poly Film Plant at Gandhinagar. 20th May 202326th May 2023
 RFQ for "CPP O&M" 17th May 202324th May 2023
 RFQ for "Annual inspection of Boiler"17th May 202324th May 2023
 RFQ for "Shifting of HP steam line, PRV and I&C of DPT" 17th May 202324th May 2023
 Inquiry for Dryfruit Almond(California) 08th May 202315th May 2023
  RFQ for “Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Vacuum deodorizer/Vacreator in existing 30KLPH milk processing line ” as per given scope of work 12th April 202303rd May 2023
(16:00 Hrs)
  Inquiry for Dryfruits 06th April 202313th April 2023
  Inquiry for ARC for sale of Used Oil 05th April 202320th April 2023
  Inquiry letter for ARC for cable lying work 2023 03th April 202311th April 2023
  Inquiry for Glucose powder(Dextrose) 30th March 202305th April 2023
  RFQ for "Hot air chamber for Ghee barrel heating" 24th March 202324th April 2023
  Supply, installation and commissioning of Hydraulic Lifter for fermented product manufacturing Plant 23rd March 202320th April 2023
  Inquiry for appointment as internal environmental auditor for monitoring and Consultancy for period of 01.05.2023 to 30.04.2024 21st March 202305th April 2023
  Inquiry letter for ARC for Motor rewinding work 16th March 202324th March 2023
  INQUIRY FOR SUPPLY OF PAPER CORES 11th March 202317th March 2023
  Inquiry for Tutti Fruiti 07th March 202314th March 2023
  Inquiry for supply of 78 MT Stretch Film 02nd March 202309th March 2023
  Inquiry for Deodorized Coconut oil in tanker 21st February 202325th February 2023
  Inquiry for Orange Jelly20th February 202327th February 2023
  Inquiry letter for Comprehensive AMC of HP Product10th February 202317th February 2023
  Inquiry for Civil work at ETP for ETP Expansion 31st January 202307th February 2023
  Purchase Inquiry of six month's rate contract of Liquid detergent 19th January 202326th January 2023
  Inquiry for supply of 150 MT PPA 17th January 202323rd January 2023
  Inquiry for Citric Acid(Anhydrous) 10th January 202318th January 2023