GCMMF - Suppliers Enquiry

Sr. No Details Date of posting Due date
  System Audit RFP 18th October 202130th October 2021
  RFP document for AMCS 29th June 202115th July 2021
  Enquiry document-MILK ANALYSER 07th June 202110th June 2021
  Inquiry for Engine Battery charger 15th March 202124th March 2021
  Purchase Inquiry for Industrial Locker(MOC-SS 304) 05th March 202112th March 2021
  Enquiry for Bulk push SMS Services26th August 202028th August 2020
  Enquiry for CR expansion - Hyderabad01st August 202018th August 2020
  Enquiry for requirement of Dell Laptops and PCs24th July 202031st July 2020
  Enquiry for Photocopy Service11th March 202017th March 2020
  Enquiry for Security Service07th March 202017th March 2020
  Enquiry for Courier Service07th March 202017th March 2020
 Bulk SMS services15th May 201819th May 2018
 Photocopy Service Enquiry16th April 2018--
 Security Agency Enquiry05th March 201812th March 2018
 Courier Service Enquiry05th March 201812th March 2018
 Enquiry for purchase of Video Conferencing System for our HO, ZOs, AFD and Branch Offices on our Website26th October 201711th November 2017
 Requirement of Desktop PCs under buyback05th October 201713th October 2017
 RFP for AMCS Infrastructure06th January 2017--

Enquiry for Courier Service14th March 2016--

Enquiry for Security Service14th March 2016--

Security Contract Enquiry18th March 2014as provided
AmulFed Dairy (Previously known as Mother Dairy), Gandhinagar
Sr. No Details Date of posting Due date
 Comprehensive AMC for CCTV system for AFD and PFP24th November 202104th December 2021
 Inquiry for supply of caustic soda lye (Month Dec -21)23rd November 202124th November 2021
(before 5PM)
 Inquiry for Dextrose/Citric Acid/Orange Jelly20th November 202128th November 2021
 Inquiry for Dryfruits16th November 202128th November 2021
 Inquiry for ARC of Fire extinguisher services for AFD and PFP12th November 202125th November 2021
 Purchase Inquiry of Lactose Microfine Edible White – 50 MT10th November 202117th November 2021
 Hot air chamber for Ghee barrel melting10th November 202117th November 2021
 Purchase Inquiry for Supply, of Digital Microscope08th November 202123rd November 2021
 Inquiry for of Heat Tracing work for Ghee department.08th November 202123rd November 2021
 Purchase Inquiry for supply of PCs against Buy Back of old PCs “As is Where is Basis”04th November 202116th November 2021
 Inquiry for Deodorized Coconut Oil (In Tanker)29th October 202110th November 2021
 Repairing of Catta Cone Hardening Tunnel.25th October 202110th November 2021
 ARC ENQUIRY - MS GI ARC 202122th October 202103rd November 2021
 Inquiry for Cashew -LWP06th October 202113th October 2021
 Purchase Inquiry for Supply of Pumps” as per the scope of supply mentioned in the Inquiry.01th October 202115th October 2021
 Inquiry for Fabrication and mechanical job for the APS Expansion Project.04th October 202120th October 2021
  Purchase Inquiry for Supply of Pneumatic Valves as per the scope of supply mentioned in the Inquiry.01th October 202115th October 2021
 RFQ for "Filters for dehumidifier & main air intake"30th September 202109th October 2021
 RFQ for "Economizer coil replacement"30th September 202109th October 2021
 RFQ for "Self adhesive teflon tapes & clothes"30th September 202109th October 2021
 RFQ for "PM Protection net for gas station"30th September 202111th October 2021
 Purchase Inquiry of testing of CO2 flooded system at PFP.30th September 202108th October 2021
 Purchase Inquiry for supply, installation of Tapping Machine for Ice Cream plant.27th September 202114th October 2021
 Purchase Inquiry for Supply, Installation of Mist Evaporator at AFD.25th September 202112th October 2021
 Repairing/overhauling of “EVAPCO” make evaporative condensers. 24th September 202107th October 2021
 Purchase Inquiry for Supply, installation of 1000 Liter and 30 Liter SS Tank at AFD 20th September 202127th September 2021
 Purchase Inquiry for Supply of Floor cleaning machine at AFD. 20th September 202130th September 2021
  Purchase Inquiry of 4-months rate contract of Logsheet 18th September 202128th September 2021
 Purchase Inquiry for supply of Plastic Pallets for PFP & AFD 17th September 202128th September 2021
  Enquiry for Sugar unloading work 14th September 202124th September 2021
  Inquiry for supply of 48 MT Stretch Film 09th September 202114th September 2021
  Inquiry for Supply of 50 KLPH THE 07th September 202121st September 2021
  Purchase Inquiry for Supply of Pumps07th September 202121st September 2021
  Inquiry for Liquid detergent 30% TS.07th September 202117th September 2021