Tender Notice

Tender Notice
Sr. No Details Date of posting Due date
 Tender for the sale of printed and unprinted film scrap from PFP 09th July 202119th July 2021
 External Butter Transportation (Refrigerated) contract from AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar to hired cold stores and vice-versa 09th July 202115th July 2021
 C&F activity contract at warehouses hired by AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar 09th July 202115th July 2021
 External Product Transportation (Ambient) contract from AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar to hired warehouses and vice-versa09th July 202115th July 2021
 Tender for sale of scrap items 05th July 202110th July 2021
 Civil, Structural and ancillary works for Kund Café, Science City, Ahmedabad02nd July 202120th July 2021
 Civil and Structural work of Process Section at AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar02nd July 202115th July 2021
 Security contract at AmulFed Dairy and PFP28th June 202107th July 2021
 Tender For CI FLEXO Toluene Free( TF) Printing Inks, Reducer, Retarder17th June 202124th June 2021
 Tender for transport of polyfilm within Gujarat from PFP.08th June 202117th June 2021
 Tender for transport of polyfilm outside Gujarat from PFP 08th June 202115th June 2021
 Tender For Sugar Transportation at AmulFed Dairy.08th June 202112th June 2021
 DSITC 50 KLPH milk Processing line , CIP up gradation and relocation of existing 30 KLPH milk processing line on turnkey basis.26th May 202114th June 2021
 Supply of 2 MT Capacity Forklift26th May 202119th June 2021
 IFB "Centralized VRF based air conditioning system for NABL LAB 27th May 202110th June 2021
 IFB "MS Pallets" 27th May 202110th June 2021
 Tender for Sale of Broken Crates from AFD 17th May 202121st May 2021
 Tender for Sale of Scrap items from AFD & PFP 17th May 202121st May 2021
 Tender for Hiring of Cold Storage 17th May 202127th May 2021
 Tender for Hiring of Godown 17th May 202127th May 2021
 Tender for Sale of Scrap items from AFD & PFP11th March 202115th March 2021
 Tender for sale of used, old and obsolete machinery06th March 202112th March 2021
 Tender for IFB ISO 50001 training08th February 202106th March 2021
 Tender for the sale of unprinted film scrap from PFP.09th February 202116th February 2021
 Job Work/Labour contracts at various sections, AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar.24th December 202002nd January 2021 after 15:00 hrs
 Tender for transport of polyfilm outside Gujarat from PFP.03rd December 202010th December 2020
 Tender for rate contract for sale of Scrap items from AFD and PFP.20th November 202024th November 2020
 Tender for rate contract for sale of Broken used Crated from AFD.20th November 202024th November 2020
 Tender for Sale of Used, old and obsolete Machineries from AFD & PFP.20th November 202027th November 2020
 Supply and Installation of CCTV System at AFD on turnkey basis.17th October 202007th November 2020
 Supply, installation and commissioning of 500 ml Refill Packing machine on Buy back of existing machine.13th October 202031st October 2020
 Design, Supply (FOR site basis including unloading), Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Slitting Rewinding Machines,Capacity-350 MPM at PFP.13th October 202012th November 2020
 Supply, installation, commissioning and validation of the Aseptic processing line for HA/LA products with particulate including modifications of the existing Pre-Processing plant dairy.13th October 202006th November 2020
 Design, Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Paneer Manufacturing and packing plant on turnkey basis.17th October 202006th November 2020
 Design, Supply, installation and commissioning of HVAC system and clean room for Paneer plant.20th October 202029th October 2020
 Modification and Expansion of HVAC System for new aseptic line.20th October 202007th November 2020
 Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of LED Signage (Double Side) outside AFD Main Gate (With Prebid Points).01st October 202015th October 2020
 Civil and Structural work for Packaging material storage which includes the internal electrification, fire fighting system and Goods lift installation work at Amulfed Dairy, Gandhinagar.01st October 202015th October 2020
 Job Work(Labour), Security and Canteen contracts at various sections, AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar.04th September 202014th September 2020 after 15:00 hrs
 Purchase of Fully Automatic Twin Head VFFS Machine for 3/5g Milk Powder Packing.20th August 202001st October 2020
 Purchase of Injection Molding Machines for Chocolate/Ice Cream Tub and Lid.20th August 202017th September 2020
 Purchase of U -Straw Manufacturing machine including Bending and Individual Wrapping machine.20th August 202017th September 2020
 Civil Structure work for Compound wall and RCC Road with Box Culvert at AmulFed dairy, Gandhinagar.20th August 202005th September 2020
 Tender for hiring of godown for 2020 - 21.18th July 202027th July 2020
 Tender for Sale of Printed and Unprinted Scrap.18th July 202027th July 2020
 Fortified Wheat Flour Plant.16th July 202031st July 2020
 Tender Document for Reverse Auciton of Plastic Waste Recycling 2020-21.11th July 202031st July 2020
 Tender for sugar transportation.25th June 202029th June 2020
 Tender for internal milk transportation.25th June 202029th June 2020
 Tender for product shifting from AFD to Hired warehouses & Vice-versa.25th June 202001st July 2020
 Tender for C & F contract for hired warehouses.25th June 202001st July 2020
 Tender for hiring of cold storage.25th June 202001st July 2020
 Tender for Butter trasnportation-Refrigerated.25th June 202001st July 2020
 Design, supply (FOR Site basis including unloading), Installation, modification, testing and commissioning of Effluent Treatment Plant on turnkey basis.08th June 202009th July 2020
 Tender for sale of Broken crates from AFD.27th May 202001st June 2020
 Tender for sale of SCRAP items from AFD and PFP.27th May 202001st June 2020
 Notification for Tender enquiry for sale of printed and unprinted (LDPE/LLDPE rich) film - trim waste from Packaging Film Plant, Gandhinagar, sector 25, Gandhinagar.24th January 202030th January 2020
 Tender for DSITCD of Approx 150 KWp at AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar and 287 KWp at Packaging Film Plant, Gandhinagar by Solar Roof Top System on Turnkey basis in Phases.10th December 201910th January 2020
 Tender for hiring of dry warehouse for milk products storage for 2019-2010th December 201918th December 2019
 Labour & Job work contracts at various sections, AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar16th October 201925th October 2019 after 15:00 hrs
 DSITC of Blown Film Plants06th September 201914th September 2019
 DSITC of CI Printing Press (600 MPM & 350 MPM)06th September 201914th September 2019
 DSITC of Slitting rewinding Machines06th September 201914th September 2019
 DSITC of Granule Silo System06th September 201914th September 2019
 DSITC of Rotogravure Machine06th September 201914th September 2019
 DSIMTC of Fermented Manufacturing Plant on turnkey basis06th September 201914th September 2019
 DSIMTC of refrigeration plant (including buy back of existing equipments)06th September 201914th September 2019
 Sale of Old and Used Poly Film Processing Machinery06th September 201916th September 2019
 Civil, Structural & Ancillary works for New Fermented Product plant and Expansion of old Butter oil plant16th September 201930th September 2019
 Tender Notice to award Security Contract for Amul Parlors and Gardens situated in area of Ahmedabad Municiapal Corporation and AUDA13th August 201924th August 2019
 Security contract at AmulFed Dairy, Bhat (Main Gate & Plant), PFP and Milk Despatch15th July 201925th July 2019
 Tender for hiring of Coldstore for Storage of White/Table Butter at -18 C (Bulk pack) and 0 to+4 C (Consumer Pack) with C&F activity06th July 201914th July 2019
 Tender for annual contract for C&F activity at Hired warehouse around 50-60 km area from AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar06th July 201911th July 2019
 Tender for annual contract for Product shifting (Transport + Labour) from AmulFed Dairy to Hired warehouse within 50-60 km radius and vice-versa06th July 201911th July 2019
 Tender for annual contract for Butter Transportation (-18 C) from AmulFed Dairy to Hired coldstore within 50-60 km radius and vice-versa06th July 201911th July 2019
 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of CCTV System at AFD06th July 201911th July 2019
  Fully Automatic Twin Head VFFS Machines for Packing 13.5/27 g Milk Powder with all accessories22nd March 201930th March 2019
 Job work contract at 60 MT Powder plant & Butter oil packing, Canteen contract and Solid Waste Management Contract08th January 201918th January 2019
 Open access power under Short Term/Medium Term/Group Captive/Solar/Hydro/Wind/Biomass/Thermal or any other source for (I) 66 KV UGVCL Power at AmulFed Dairy, Bhat, Gandhinagar and (II) 11KV Torrent Power at Packaging Film Plant, Sector 25, Gandhinagar10th October 201823rd October 2018
 Online Tendering For Operation of Amul Parlours in Ahmedabad09th October 201815th October 2018
 Job Work Contract at 100 MT Powder plant, Labour contract at Misc Dept on Daily wage and Labour contract at Milk Despatch and Icecream Despatch on piece rate basis 04th September 201813th September 2018
 TENDER NOTICE FOR SALE OF MILK FILM SCRAP06th August 201809th August 2018
 Grid-tied 300 KWp Solar Power Generation Project 06th August 201830th August 2018
 Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of FAV System27th July 201814th August 2018
 Supply of Fully Automatic Twin Head VFFS Machine for Packing 3/5 g Milk Powder06th July 201826th July 2018
 Supply of Fully Automated 25kg Bag Packing Line with all accessories06th July 201816th July 2018
 Tender to Operate Amul Parlors at various locations in Ahmadabad and Gandhinagar28th June 201809th July 2018
 Job Work (Labour) Contract at APS & PET bottle plant27th June 201807th July 2018
 Job Work (Labour) Contract at PFP28th April 201809th May 2018
 IFB for 2-4 wheeler parking at AmulFed dairy21st March 201805th April 2018
 Online Tendering For Operation of Amul Parlours in Ahmedabad08th March 201819th March 2018
 Online Tendering For Operation of Amul Parlours in Ahmedabad01st December 201713th December 2017
 Tender for New Parlour Construction15th November 2017-
 Tender paper for parlour renovation15th November 2017-
 AMC for parlour 14th November 2017-
 Tender Notices - Online Tendering For Operation of Amul Parlours in Ahmedabad24th August 201626th August 2016
 Civil, Structural and ancillary works for extension of CAFE AMUL, AmulFed Dairy Gandhinagar12th August 201725th August 2017
 Online Tendering For Operation of Amul Parlours in Ahmedabad03rd May 2017-
 Tender Notice – Amul Parlour Construction in Ahmedabad7th September 2016-
 Tender for Repair & Renovation of Amul Parlours - Ahmedabad --
 Tender Notice – Kaira Can Campus Quarters --
 Tender Notice – Surat14th July 201628th July 2016
 Tender Notice – Amul Parlour Construction in Ahmedabad7th September 2016-