Amul Pro-Biotic Ice-cream Gets No. 1 Award At World Dairy Summit

"Sh VK Singh, IAS, Managing Director, Punjab Cooperative Dairy Federation accepting 2007 IDF Marketing Award from Sh Jim Begg, President, International Dairy Federation for Amul Prolife Probiotic Ice Cream on 3rd Oct 2007 at World Dairy Summit, Dublin, Ireland. Sh VK Singh had kindly accepted award on behalf of GCMMF."

It’s another triumph for brand Amul. After emerging as India’s topmost brand, it has gone to win one of the world’s most prestigious awards - The International Dairy Federation Marketing Award (2007) for Amul pro-biotic ice-cream launch.

Announcing the award on October 03, at Dublin, Ireland on the occasion of the World Dairy Summit, Mr. Jim Begg the IDF President commented “These campaigns are excellent examples of best practise in branded and generic marketing from around the world. In markets around the world that are volatile and highly competitive, dairy products have a role in health balanced diets, and these campaigns have demonstrated the ability of well planned and executed marketing investments.”

GCMMF is the first and the only Indian organization to receive the 2007 IDF Marketing Award which covered three categories – Nutri-marketing, Innovation and Marketing Communication. Amul Pro-biotic Ice-cream received the award in the Nutri-marketing category.

According to Shri B. M. Vyas, Managing Director, GCMMF, “We launched Amul Pro-biotic Ice-cream as well as Amul Pro-biotic Sugar Free Ice-cream, due to the constraints of cold chain which is a pre-requisite for ice-cream distribution. In a country like India where we have waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, eating a spoonful or two of pro-biotic ice-cream would keep the family healthy and strong. The product was launched with this in view. We were the first in the country to introduce pro-biotic ice-cream and pro-biotic sugar free ice-cream. We are happy that our efforts have been globally recognized by bestowing the prestigious IDF Marketing Award’.

In January 2007, for the first time in India and the world GCMMF introduced the Amul range of Pro-biotic and sugar free ice-creams aimed at the health- conscious and diabetic. Probiotics are live beneficial culture which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a beneficial health effect on the host. They help in digestion, especially of milk sugar (lactose). They improve the immune system, build stronger bones and are effective in controlling travelers’ diarrhoea. They also help in the prevention of formation and growth of colon cancer.

GCMMF was the first organization in the country to launch Pro-biotic food. In order to educate consumers and trade about the benefits of Pro-biotic ice- cream, GCMMF ran extensive advertising and direct marketing campaigns during the year.