Amul Roti Softener

Product Details

Product Name Amul Roti Softener
Description Amul Roti Softener, a 100% natural milk based product for making the roti softer, and can potentially help us by making the diet tastier and palatable. The product is in form of a powder, which has to be dissolved in water to be mixed while preparing dough in the kitchen.
There are specific functional properties that are associated with the natural milk ingredients present in Amul Roti softener.
These include: better solubility, water binding/absorption, viscosity, gelation, cohesion, adhesion elasticity and emulsification
Packing (Volume) 500g

Product Specifications

Dairy Based
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 g
Energy, kcal357
Total Fat, g 1.5
Saturated fat,g1.0
Trans Fat g0
Total Carbohydrate, g75.0
Added Sugar, g0
Protein, g11.0
*Approximate values
Shelf Life

9 months

Storage condition

Ambient/Room Temperature

Product Features


For very soft Rotis’ / Chapattis’, milk solids rich in protein and with more lactose are established to tenderize the dough and using this Roti softener the following advantages can be obtained :

  • Improves softness of the Roti / Paratha / Pooris.

  • Increases water uptake of the flour.

  • Improves sheeting of the flour

  • Improves mouth feel of the Roti / Paratha / Pooris .

  • Improves overall palatability

  • Contributes to good health

Product Application

How to Use
The usage is also very simple :
- Just mix three spoons of roti softener in every glass of water (about 200 ml) and use the solution to prepare the dough.
- For every glass of water used, repeat this process, depending upon the quantity of dough and number of rotis/Puri to be made.
- All other steps of making Rotis remains the same.

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