Vardan calf Starter

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Product Name Vardan calf Starter
Packing 20 kg HDPE Bag

Product Features

  • Milk feeding can be stopped earlier.
  • Helps faster rumen development to digest green/dry fodder.
  • Helps in extra weight gain
  • Helps in early puberty and pregnancy.


  • Vardan Calf Starter can be started after attaining age of one month
  • Start feeding calf starter with small quantity approx. 50 grams mixed with little quantity of water.
  • If calf consumes offered quantity then increase the quantity day by day to make it 200 grams at the end of month and increase quantity by 100 grams every month from 3-9 months.
  • ï‚·Increase quantity by 200 grams in 10th and 11 th months. From 12th to 15th months 2-4 Kg based on body weight.

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Vardan calf Starter

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