Rumisoo Rumen Buffer

Product Details

Product Name Rumisoo Rumen Buffer
Description Scientifically formulated for relief of Ruminal Acidity
Packing 1 Kg, 10 Kg (10×1Kg)

Product Specification

Shelf Life Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing
Storage Condition Store at dry and hygeienic place and away from direct sunlight

Product Features

  • • Ruminant animals are adapted to digest and metabolize predominantly forage diets; however, growth rates and milk production are increased substantially when ruminants consume high-grain diets. One consequence of feeding excessive amounts of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates in conjunction with inadequate fiber to ruminants is subacute ruminal acidosis, which is characterized by periods of low ruminal pH that resolve without treatment and is rarely diagnosed.
  • • Rumisoo" with buffers reduces these frequent su linical acidosis by minimizing pH fluctuations, enhancing fibre digestion and encourage greater DMI intake.
  • • May also reduce the risk by selectively inhibiting rum·na lactate producers and by reducing meal size.


  • • Cow / Buffalo 50 -100 gm /day

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All over India.