Jeevan (Calf Milk Replacer- C.M.R.)

Product Details

Product Name Jeevan (Calf Milk Replacer- C.M.R.)
Packing 1 kg Jar, 5 kg Pouch.

Product Specifications

Ingredients Whey Powder, Toasted soya flour, Refined Palm oil, Mineral Mixture, Salt, Vitamin AD3 .
Amul Calf starter
Nutritional Information
Crude Protein %20-22%
Crude Fat %16-18
Crude Fibre0.5-1.0
Mineral Mixture%1
Shelf Life 6 Months from Manufacturing
Storage condition Store at dry and hygeienic place and away from direct sunlight

Product Features

  • • Calf rearing with C.M.R is more economical than with cow's milk
  • • Reduction in calf mortality
  • • Increases growth rate of calves
  • • Due to quick rumen development, milk feeding can be stopped earlier.
  • • The first A.I can be done 4-5 months earlier.
  • • Calves fed with Jeevan Calf Milk Replacer produces more milk in the first lactation itself.

Product Application

  • • Daily feeding quantity: 10% of body weight to be fed twice in a day in equal divided dose as a fresh preparation every time.
  • • Prepare C.M.R in lukewarm (37°C) water.
  • • Mix 100 gram Jeevan C.M.R in 1 L water equivalent to 1 litre of milk- for Cow calf
  • • Mix 120 gram Jeevan C.M.R in 1 L water equivalent to 1 litre of milk- for Buff calf
  • • Keep C.M.R. powder in air tight container in a clean and dry place.

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