Amul Pregnancy Feed

Product Details

Product Name Amul Pregnancy Feed
Description Cattle feed for pregnant animals (pellet form)
Packing BOPP Laminated 30 Kg Bag

Product Specifications

Amul Pregnancy Feed
Specification (as per BIS Type I)
Crude Protein(min.)22%
Crude Fat (min.)4%
Crude Fibre(max.)10%
Acid Insoluble Ash (max.) 3%
Calcium(min.) 0.80%
Total Phosphorus(min.) 0.25%
Aflatoxin B1(max.) 20 ppb
Urea if present(max.)1%
Value except moisture are in dry matter basis
Shelf Life 2 Months from Manufacturing
Storage condition Store at dry and hygeienic place and away from direct sunlight

Product Features

  • • Specially Designed for the last 2 month of gestation (dry period)
  • • Fortified with Vitamin A, D3, and E to improve immunity during dry period
  • • Fortified with herbs which develop udder and improve digestion during dry period
  • • Having easily digestible carbohydrates sources to enhance energy concentration of feed which reduce the chances of negative energy balance after calving
  • • Fortified with essential macro minerals that reduce postpartum deficiencies of the same
  • • Helps in early placenta removal
  • • Protect from mastitis
  • • Easy delivery of healthy calf

Product Application

  • • 2.5 to 3 kg per animal per day during last two month before calving
  • • Give in dry form only

Available in

All over India.