Nutri Power Pellet High Five Feed (Pellet form)

Product Details

Product Name Nutri Power Pellet High Five Feed (Pellet form)
Description For high yielding cattle and buffalo
Packing BOPP Laminated 50 Kg Bag

Product Specifications

Nutri Power Pellet
Specification (as per BIS Type I)
Crude Protein(min.)25%
Crude Fat (min.)7%
Crude Fibre(max.)10%
Acid Insoluble Ash (max.) 2.5%
Calcium(min.) 0.80%
Total Phosphorus(min.) 0.5%
Available Phosphorus(min.) 0.25%
Aflatoxin B1(max.) 20 ppb
Urea if present(max.)1%
Value except moisture are in dry matter basis
Shelf Life 2 Months from Manufacturing
Storage condition Store at dry and hygeienic place and away from direct sunlight

Product Features

  • • Contains mixture of Ground Nut Cake, Soya Bean Cake, Cotton Seed Cake, Ground Maize and Toor (Red gram) chuni
  • • Cattle feed with 25% protein and 4% fat
  • • Best cattle feed for cows/buffalos having 20 litres and above milk production
  • • Added with Bypass Fat
  • • Improved Digestion
  • • Improved Immunity
  • • Increases milk yield
  • • Increases milk Fat and SNF
  • • Improved Reproduction

Product Application

  • • Give in dry form only
  • • Cow 1.5 kg for animal's body maintenance and 400 gm per liter of milk production
  • • Buffalo: 2 Kg for maintenance and 500 gm per liter of milk production
  • • Or as per advice of Veterinarian/Animal Nutritioninst
  • • For better results – Perform deworming after 10 days

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