Amul Calf starter

Product Details

Product Name Amul Calf starter
Description Calf feed
Packing BOPP Laminated 20 Kg bag

Product Specifications

Amul Calf starter
Specification (as per BIS Type I)
Crude Protein(min.)23-26%
Crude Fat (min.)4%
Crude Fibre(max.)7%
Acid Insoluble Ash (max.) 2.5%
Total Ash (max.) 5.0%
Calcium(min.) 1.2%
Total Phosphorus(min.) 0.8%
Vitamin-A(min.) 15,000 IU/Kg
Total Digestable nutrients (Min.) 70.0%
Digestible crude protein (Min.) 17.0%
Aflatoxin B1(max.) 20 ppb
Common Salt (Max.)1%
Value except moisture are in dry matter basis
Shelf Life 2 Months from Manufacturing
Storage condition Store at dry and hygeienic place and away from direct sunlight

Product Features

  • • Balanced Nutrition
  • • With bypass fat and protein
  • • Higher grain content
  • • Rich in essential organic minerals and vitamins
  • • Better general health of calves

Product Application

  • • Calf Starter can be started after attaining age of one month.
  • • Start feeding calf starter with small quantity approx. 50 grams mixed with little quantity of water.
  • • If calf consumes offered quantity then increase the quantity day by day to make it 200 grams at the end of month and increase quantity by 100 grams every month from 3-9 months.
  • • Increase quantity by 200 grams in 10th and 11 th months. From 12th to 15th months 2-4 Kg based on body weight.

Available in

All over India.