Amul Masterchef India - Recipe

Amul Fresh Cream India Contest Master Chef - Winner - Samanta
Samantha, India


​​Cheese Recipe

​Amul Cheese Dish

Contestant Name – Samantha

Cheese Name - Balsamic, roasted garlic and thyme cheese.


  • 600 grams – Gouda Cheese

  • 200 grams – Emmental Cheese

  • 200 grams – Mozzarella Cheese

  • 300 ml Balsamic reduced to 100 ml

  • 3 pods roasted garlic

  • 7-8 springs of thyme


  • Roasted garlic in oven whole for 20 min

  • Clean thyme & remove stalk

  • Melt cheese on double boiler until pouring consistency & add roasted garlic that has been cleaned then add thyme & stir well. Lastly add balsamic vinegar but leave some to add to bottom of mould

  • Add 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar in mould & 2 thyme springs. Then add melted cheese.

  • Leave in the fridge to set.

Contestant Name – Samantha

Dish Name - Chicken and cheese roulade with a warm salad.

Cheese Name - Balsamic, roasted garlic and thyme cheese.

For Chicken Roulade


  • Chicken breast with skin 1

  • Thyme 3-4 sprigs

  • Garlic cloves 3 smashed

  • Cheese

  • Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Butterfly the chicken breast and flatten using a rolling pin to make an even layer, making sure not to tear chicken.

  • Season with a bit of salt and pepper , add some thyme.

  • Cut cheese into strips that fit the length of the chicken breast. Put the cheese in between the chicken and begin rolling the chicken making sure the cheese is completely unexposed and in the middle of the roulade.

  • Now cover the chicken roulade with the skin , covering the entire roulade.

  • Wrap the roulade tightly in cling film to secure the shape. Set in the fridge for 15-20 minutes or until you want to cook it.

  • Take some oil in a pan, add the smashed garlic and 2 sprigs of thyme. Once the oil is hot add the chicken to the pan. Sear all sides evenly to get a nice golden brown colour. Take off the pan and finish cooking in a preheated oven at 180C for another 10-12 minutes.

  • Cut into round pieces and serve with warm salad.

Warm salad with citrus vinaigrette


  • Corn

  • Red and yellow bell pepper 1 each

  • Carrots 1 thinly slicked into stripes

  • Basil leaves 4

  • Iceberg lettuce 3-4 leaves


  • Peel corn and roast on open flame till well charred and roasted.

  • Put some oil in a pan. Core and clean the peppers and add in hot oil. Char the peppers a bit but making sure it's cooked through.

  • Slice the carrots and cook with a bit of olive oil and cook in a pan. Make sure not to over cook.

For Vinaigrette


  • Zest one orange and take out juice of it.

  • Add some salt and pepper and 50 ml olive oil and whisk till its emulsified.

For Cheese Sauce


  • Melt 100gms of cheese over a double boiler. Once it's melted add 70ml of cream and mix well till combined.

  • To plate add some cheese sauce on the dish. Mix all vegetables except corn with 3tbsp of the vinaigrette and stir well.

  • Add dressed vegetables to the dish and then cut a slice of the corn kernels and add on dish as well.

  • Cut roulade into pieces and add on the plate. Add some more vinaigrette over the vegetables. It's ready to eat!