Amul Diced Cheddar Cheese

Product Details

Product Name Amul Diced Cheddar Cheese

Packaging (Volume)

Available in 1 kg

Product Specifications


Fat: Minimum 30%
Moisture: Maximum 39%
Protein: 25%
Added Salt: Maximum 2%
Calorific Value: 374 Kcal./100g

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 g
Energy, kcal374
Total fat, g30
Saturated fat, g19
Trans fat, g1
Total Carbohydrates, g1
Added Sugar, g0
Protein, g25
*Approx. values
Shelf Life

Best before 12 months from date of packaging

Storage condition

Needs to be stored at -18° C or below

Product Features

  • Easy to use

  • Small dices ensures even topping on dishes

  • Excellent source of milk proteins, which are palatable

Product Application

To be stored frozen and thawed before use. Sprinkle desired quantity over pizza before baking

The fine dices have a slight tangy flavour and can be used for various dishes like Pizza, Pasta, Nachos, etc.


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Amul Diced Cheddar Cheese

Amul Diced Cheddar Cheese