Amul Sour Cream

Product Details

Product Name Amul Sour Cream
Description Amul Sour Cream is made from Fresh fermented cream
Packing Amul Sour Cream Tub 200gm

Product Specifications

Composition Milk Solids and Active Lactic Culture
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information
Amount Per 100 gm
Energy, Kcal 284
Total Fat, g 28
Saturated Fat, g 18
Trans Fat,g 0
Protein, g 2.8
Carbohydates, g 4.3
Added Sugar, g 0
Shelf Life Best Before 3 months from manufacture
Storage condition Store refrigerated below 4 0C.

Product Features

  • Easy to spread and use.

  • Good source of Calcium and milk Proteins

  • Very easy to spread on all dishes.

Product Application

  • Sour cream is used to make quick dips, thicken sauces, and of course, to top baked potatoes.
  • Sour cream also tenderizes and softens baked goods.
  • It is a major component in Mexican foods like Nachos, tacos, enchiladas etc.

Available in

Sour cream is available in top outlets/ MFS across major cities and towns in India.