Rejoice Gift Pack

Product Details

Product Name Rejoice Gift Pack
Description Amul Rejoice is an assorted pack with 7 variants and 9 SKUs of Amul range of Delicious chocolates having Dark, Milk, F&N, Bindaaz, Dark Passion, Almond Bar and Chocozoo.
Packing (Volume) 229g

Product Specifications


1. Dark Chocolate 40g

2. Dark Chocolate 15g

3. Milk Chocolate 40g

4. Milk Chocolate 20g

5. Fruit N Nut Chocolate 40g

6. Bindaaz Wafer 15g

7. Dark Passion Wafer 15g

8. Almond Bar 35g

9. Chocozoo 9g

Nutritional Information Refer to the Individual NI Table of each variants.
Shelf Life 9 months
Storage condition At 15-20°C in a Cool and Dry Place

Product Features

  • Maximum Variants in a gift pack ranging from Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate to Wafer bars and Filled Bars.

  • More number of chocolate range in a gift pack.

  • Premium Design for gifting at festive occasions.

Product Application

  • Gifting and Self Indulgence.


All India market in General Trade, Modern Trade and all Amul Parlour Outlets

Rejoice Gift Pack

Rejoice Gift Pack