Amul Probiotic Pouch Buttermilk

Product Details

Product Name Amul Probiotic Pouch Buttermilk
Description Buttermilk containing “Probiotics”. Consuming Probiotic Buttermilk daily will help in improving Immunity and Digestion..
Packing Rs 10/-, Rs 15/- and Rs 20/- Pack

Product Specifications

Composition FAT(%) 0.75
SNF (%) 5.5
Acidity 0.8% Max
Nutritional Information
Nutrition Information
Amount per 100g*%RDA**
Total Fat(g)0.73%
Saturated Fat(g)0.44%
Trans Fat(g)0.00%
Total Sugars (g)2.5
Added Sugars (g)0 0%
Sodium(mg)30 4%
**RDA stands for Recommended Dietary Allowanace per serving
*Average values
Shelf Life 48 Hours from the date of packing if kept under Refrigeration below 5°C.
Storage condition Under Refrigeration (Below 5°C)

Product Features

  • It is produced in very hygienic and clean atmosphere.

  • Scientific bacterial culture in Amul Probiotic Buttermilk improves digestion.

  • It is conventionally packed in pouches and easily available at Amul Milk outlets spread all over major cities of India.

  • Buttermilk is traditionally known as "Chhash" (Gujarat & MP), "Mattha" (UP & Delhi), "Tak" (Maharastra), "Ghol" (Bengal).

Product Application

Take a glass full in early morning in place of Tea, Amul Probiotic Buttermilk will improve the digestive function.
Replace your soup with Amul Probiotic Buttermilk, it will give you dieting benefits.
Take a glass of Amul Probiotic Buttermilk after lunch / dinner for better digestion.
Just give "Tadka" to Amul Probiotic Buttermilk and use it as your "Dal".
Add some coriander cumin and salt to Amul Probiotic Buttermilk and your guest offering is ready.
You can prepare Besan Kadhi from Amul Probiotic Buttermilk.

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