Amul Mithai mate

Product Details

Product Name Amul Mithai mate
Description Sweetened Condensed Milk
Packaging 200 g and 400 g Tin: For Household consumption
2.5 Kg Tin and 7.5 Kg Tin: Bakery and Institutions

Product Specifications

Composition Total Milk Solid : Min 31% ,Milk FAT : Min 9% ,SNF : Min 22%,
Sucrose : Min 40%,Titrable Acidity : Max 0.35
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 g
Energy, kcal335
Energy from Fat, kcal81
Total Fat, g9
Saturated fat,g6.2
Cholesterol, mg24
Total Carbohydrate, g55.5
Added Sugar, g43.0
Protein, g8
Calcium, mg355
Not a significant source of Vitamin C, Iron and Dietary fiber.
*Approx. values
Shelf Life 400 g Tin : Best before 12 months from packaging when stored in a cool and dry place
7.5kgTin : Best before 6 months from packaging when stored in a cool and dry place
280 kg Barrel : Best before 3 months from packaging when stored in a cool and dry place
Storage condition cool and dry palce

Product Features

  • Amul Mithai Mate is much more creamier than competitors available in market
  • Made of Pure Milk FAT

  • Avaiable in very convenient easy to open pack

  • Can be made several milk based desert in minutes

Product Application

  • Can be used to prepare: Gajar ka Halwa, Kheer, Narial ke laddoo, Rasmalai, Icecream, Chocolate, Baked Products, Pies, Sauces, Cakes, Candies,, Toppings and Caramel etc.,
  • As a ready health food, in relief works, in case of flood, earth quake or any natural calamity.
  • As a health food in mid day meal system for feeding of the school children.
  • For whitening coffee and tea directly.

Available in (Segments/Markets)

Amul Mithai Mate is available in India as well as other countries like UAE / Bahrain / Shi Lanka / USA / Singapore / Qatar
Also Amul MIthai Mate 400 g Tin is available in segments like Kirana Store / Modern Format store / Amul Parlors / Hotel & Restaurant segment / Bakery etc