High Aroma Cow Ghee

Product Details

Product Name High Aroma Cow Ghee
Description Amul High Aroma Cow Ghee
Packing(Volume): Jar: 200 mL, 500 mL & 1 L
Tin: 1 L
Sachet: Rs 10 pack

Product Specifications

Composition % Fat (min) : 99.7%
Moisture (max): 0.3%
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100g
Energy, kcal897
Total Fat, g99.7
Total Carbohydrates, g0
Added Sugar, g0
Protein, g0
Vitamin A, µg600
Vitamin A expressed as Beta Carotene.
*Approx. values
Shelf Life Tin Packing: 12 months
Pouch Packing: 9 months
Jar Packing: 6 months
Storage condition Store in a cool and dry place

Product Features

  • High aroma cow ghee has been manufactured using a technology which enhances the natural aroma and flavour of the ghee.
  • Amul High Aroma Cow ghee complements well with all cuisines and gives the dishes a characteristic flavour.
  • Amul High Aroma Cow Ghee has 3 main properties of a good ghee: High Aroma, Perfect Granulation & Delicious Taste.
  • High aroma cow ghee is made from 100% cow milk.
  • Ghee consumption is known to have multiple health benefits. It's good for digestion, strengthen bones, nourishes skin, helps in muscle development and is a good source of Vitamin A, D, E & K.
  • Ghee having a higher smoke point than vegetable oil, is better to use for all cooking purposes.

Product Application

Use it for frying, roasting, sautéing, stir-frying or use it on top of dosas, biryanis, rice, roti, dals, etc. and enjoy the aroma and flavour of Amul High aroma Cow Ghee

High aroma is good for garnishing as well as making sweets.


High aroma Cow Ghee is currently available in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana in your nearby stores. You can also order at your home through E-commerce sites.

If stocks are not available in your area, please write to us at ghee@amul.coop. We will try to make the product available at your nearest store.