Amul Jeera Rusk

Product Details

Product Name Amul Jeera Rusk
Description A rusk is a hard, dry biscuit or a twice-baked bread.
Packing (Volume) 75g, 200g

Product Specifications

Composition Refined Wheat flour (Maida), Milk Solids, Cumin seeds, Sugar, Yeast, Iodized salt.
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 g
Energy, kcal293
Total Fat, g9
Total Carbohydrate, g46
Added Sugar, g9
Protein, g7
Trans Fat (g)0
*Approx. values
Shelf Life Four Months
Storage condition cool, dry and hygienic places, away from direct sunlight.

Product Features

Amul Rusk is available in Milk, Jeera and Elaichi variants. They are delicious to dip and eat with Tea/Coffee.

Product Application

Ready to eat.

Available in Markets

Amul Rusk is available across India.