Amul Cheese Sauce - Pizza

Product Details

Product Name Amul Cheese Sauce - Pizza
Description Amul Cheese Sauce Pizza
Packing (Volume) 200 gm bottle

Product Specifications

Composition Composition: Cheese, Water, Permitted Emulsifiers (E339, E452, E471, E331), Pizza Seasoning (1.2%), Milk Solids, Common Salt and Permitted Class II Preservatives (E234, E200).
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 g
Energy, kcal192
Protein, g12.30
Carbohydrates, g1.10
Added Sugar, g0.20
Trans Fat, g0.5
Total Fat, g15.4
Saturated Fat, g9.70
Sodium, mg360
Shelf Life 6 months
Storage condition Refrigerated at 4° C or below.

Product Features

Made from 100% Pure milk and Real cheese and doesn’t contain any vegetable oil.
It is a good source of protein as it contains cheese and milk.
Sauce has negligible Sugar content.
Tastes great as it contains cheese.

Product Application

Can be used as dips for nachos, Cheese balls, fries, pakodas, vegetable fingers, etc.
Can be used with burgers, pizzas, pretzels, fried chicken, sandwiches, parathas, etc.
It can be used with all fast food preparations. It adds cheesy flavour to all your favourite food.


In all retail outlets/APOs/MFS stores and with E commerce service providers across major towns and cities in India.