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Swad se swagat!
Bollywood’s latest blockbuster hit! – (Dec’ 17)
Mera tujhse hai pehle ka neta koi..
RJD leader in jail for the fodder scam… – (Dec’ 17)
Narajya Sabha?
Sachin unable to make speech in Rajya Sabha because of sloganeering! – (Dec’ 17)
BJP wins Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections! – (Dec’ 17)
Tharooraurus anyone?
MP’s fondness for tweeting big words like ‘Rodomontade’! – (Dec’ 17)
Such a Rohimantic gesture!
Three double hundreds & a second anniversary! – Dec’17
Kohli sajaake rakhna, mehndi lagaake rakhna…
Much awaited Indian cricket captain- Bollywood actress marriage – Dec’17
Mere paas aapka cinema hai…
Tribute to an actor and a gentleman – Dec’17
Kya Maskari hai?
Sri Lankan players protect themselves from smog! – Dec’17
Suitable Boy… A SUITSable girl!
High profile engagement of TV star Meghan Markle & Prince Harry! – Nov’17
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