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Bhajap ayee?
About the uncertainty of the BJP forming a government
Multiparty system or Multi-lathi system
About the Booth capturing tactics of most parties.
Delhi Vision
On the extensive coverage of election candidates on TV.
Not his First Lady?
On U.S. president, Bill Clinton's alleged sexual exploits
Prices Crises!
On the economic recession India is going through.
Voluntary Delicious Intake Scheme
On the Voluntary Disposable Income Scheme that was started by the Finance Ministry.
Sonia yet so far
On Sonia Gandhi's entry into Indian politics.
One day in, One day out!
On the whims and fancies of the Indian Cricket Selectors
Merry X-Mas ka!
On occassion of X'mas
Mana-kar Telephone Nigam Ltd.
On the issue of MP's telephones being cut by MTNL before the Lok Sabha election.
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