Amul Hits

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Hard luck boys. Come home to something soft
The result of a dismal performance.
This time, no butter fingers please..!
The result of a dismal performance.
Welcome to the land of milk and butter
Prince Charles & Diana in happier times pay us a visit.
Taste that bowls them over..!
Kapil Dev ka jawaab nahin. This is when he completed 400 wickets.
The Public Salutes the Republic...
On Republic Day.
To Russia with loaf
Comrade Yeltstin gets something golden to eat with his bread.
The Ekta Butter
The unity proclaiming yatra procession, accompanied by a rath
C'mon boys, show them who's the butter team!
Morale booster to win against the Aussies.
Amul is short but not for long
Promise, that the shortage will soon be over.
4 important letters for you A-M-U-L...
The new mailbox scheme proposed to be introduced meant to ease the postman's woes of trudging up and down the stairs.
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