Amul Hits

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A comment on the controversial MR Coffee advertisement
Now you see it... - now you don't
The rapid change of Prime Ministers in the Country
Continues this refuelling
A US cargo aircraft gets refuelled at Sahar
utterly butterly de de
Chumma Chumma de de.... A chartbuster from the Hindi film "HUM"
This Spread Causes Utter Delight
The Iraqis used the SCUD missiles, US retaliated with the Patriots.
Avoid Immensely Regrettable Armed Quarrel and Useless Strife
The political crisis during the Gulf War
Happy `Ninety Fun'
Welcoming 1991
This Creamy Makkhan continues to govern in all states
Politicians fighting for the CM's post
No Major change in this lady's rule
A comment on the political situation in Britain. Its Ms. Margaret Thathcer and Mr. John Major
My Mumbai, love it or leave it
The `I Love Mumbai' campaign initiated by Nana Chudasama
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