Amul Hits

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Divide and drool
Divide and drool
Our popularity Graf goes up
Steffi Graf does well in the Tennis circuit.
Allah iske baad kya hoga!
V.P. Singh elected from Allahabad.
If life's Gatting bad, have a ball with Amul Butter
Cricketer `Gatting' & Amul.
Mourning the great Indian film star Raj Kapoor.
Lasting piece between the big two
The end of the cold war betweeen America &' Russia.
Sealed like the national border
Pakistan infiltration into India.
Break fast with Amul
Celebrating Eid with Amul.
Nahin Duja Koi Middle Mein Sirf Amul Hoi
The submarine scam and the Hindujas.
Needn't shift this Kiran when it gets in your eyes
The government gets tough with Kiran Bedi.
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