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It keeps resident doctors at their residence.
Strike by resident doctors.
Different Strokes.
During the telecast of a popular TV serial, with popular actor Arnold, who was a dwarf.
Open your mouth for this four letter word
McEnroe using abusive language on the tennis court.
The only bright spot every morning.
The state of affairs in India at that time.
How to pull out and still get the gold
Americans boycott the Moscow Olympics.
Topping performance.
Climbing a mountain summit without oxygen
I)-catching advertising.
Congress (I)'s advertising blitz.
Salyut'ing the aste that's out of this world
Souyuz - Cosmonaut in space.
En a dual way it's supreme in every assemply.
En a dual way it's supreme in every assemply.
It continues it's Rajya in every Sabha.
Extended Rajya Sabha term
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