Iconic Ads of Amul celebrating Dr Verghese Kurien

Iconic Ads of Amul celebrating Dr. Verghese Kurien

Let's admit it; we're all fans of the Amul girl ads that appear in newspapers and billboards. They all have a nice ring to it, and sometimes, have puns that Indians will relate to. Their brilliant marketing has been the talk of the town for almost five decades now. Amul's success can be attributed to their line of thinking. Incorporating topical ads as part of their overarching vision has made the Amul brand one of the best in the industry.

Thanks to Dr. Verghese Kurien, Amul has become a brand that has an emotional connect to millions in India. We're going to list down few Amul ads that were dedicated to the pioneer of the White Revolution and the Milkman of India.

Amul Girl Weeps

For the first time in Amul's ad history, we saw the Amul girl weep as she paid homage to Dr. Verghese Kurien when he died on 9th September 2012. His contribution had paved the way for the farmer-run, dairy co-operative sector to flourish across the country.

Source: Economic Times

National Milk Day 2018

Every year on the 26th of November, on the occasion of Dr. Veghese Kurien's birthday, National Milk Day is celebrated across India to recognize his contribution during India's White Revolution. In 2018, the Amul girl dedicated an ‘Amul Ratan' to Kurien on his 97th birth anniversary. The poster showed two bikers who represented the rally that covered various dairy farm cooperatives from Jammu to Gujarat on November 17th 2018.

Source: IndiaTVNews

2nd Death Anniversary

Amul paid homage to Dr. Verghese Kurien on his 2nd death anniversary by advocating that his White Revolution still plays a crucial role in India.

Source: Amul.coop

5th Death Anniversary

On Dr. Kurien's 5th death anniversary, Amul girl paid her tribute to the Milkman of India, stating the words - "Humare yaadon mein bhi hai, vaadon mei bhi hai."

Source: Amul

6th Death Anniversary

On Dr. Kurien's 6th death anniversary, Amul girl gave a twist to the phrase "dared to dream". Her tribute to Kurien stated, "He dairied to dream".

Source: AdvertGallery

7th Death Anniversary

Amul referred to Dr. Kurien as the man who "gave us our fundamental white" as a way of honoring him on his 7th death anniversary.

Source: Latestly

90th Birthday

Amul's tribute to Kurien on his 90th birthday showcased him holding a baby cow in his arms along with the iconic Amul girl. Along with that, it also stated the revolutionary change he has brought about.

These are a few of the many tributes Amul has given to Kurien to honor his contributions in building India's dairy sector. Dr Verghese Kurien will always be remembered as the man who changed India.