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10 year challenge
Facebook's latest meme! - (Jan’ 19)
The 2nd Youngest Grandmaska!
All hail Gukesh, India’s new chess champion! - (Jan’ 19)
Kumbh one, Kumbh all
World’s largest religious gathering gets underway! - (Jan’ 19)
Endy Murray?
The great player contemplates retirement... - (Jan’ 19)
Yeh quota sabka bill behlayega!
Parliament approves amending constitution in landmark move! - (Jan’ 19)
Yeh DinDin khao, TinTin!
The comic book reporter turns 90! - (Jan’ 19)
India first series win in Australia in 71 years!
Sirvottam coach!
Tribute to the man who shaped many a batsmen’s career, including Sachin! - (Jan’ 19)
Sab kader karte thhe unki…
Tribute to a fine film actor/screenwriter/comedian & director! - (Jan’ 19)
Child's play for pant!
Rishabh debuts as Paine babysitter! – Jan’19